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your future.

Highly qualified team leader in the assembly, maintenance and repair of wind farms arriving on time to impossible locations.

Operation and maintenance of wind farms using the latest technology to carry out major corrective measures . Logistical precision , flexible, cost-effective service with an advanced level of digitalisation to always offer a quick diagnosis and a flawless commissioning.

Planificamos la operación y mantenimiento de los parques eólicos utilizando la última tecnología para la realización de grandes correctivos. Precisión logística, servicio flexible y cost-effective.

Huso Renewable Services

Corrective maintenance, revision and protection with Huso Renovables.

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We improve the profitability of your assets with our predictive method. Using the latest technology in the analysis, protection and resolution of unforeseen events.

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The total coverage your business needs.

We guarantee the reduction of contingencies and increase the performance of the machines.

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Installation and


Leading team specialising in assembly and installation services, carrying out the commissioning of wind farms..

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Maintenance and major corrective actions.

Experts in integral maintenance guaranteeing the correct functioning and pioneers in major corrective maintenance.

Worldwide full service

Working for a renewable future.

Our international presence allows us to carry out the assembly, maintenance, installation and commissioning of wind farms anywhere in the world with the help of our various specialised technologists.

Huso tu cobertura total en grandes correctivos y trabajos especiales y gestión en logística y repuestos.