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Growth engine

In recent years, the wind energy sector has experienced substantial growth, reducing the emission of 29 million tonnes of CO2.

In 2020, the wind energy sector accounted for 0.30% of Spain’s GDP with 3,106.4 million euros, employing more than 27,600 professionals.

There are 1,260 wind farms installed in Spain, totalling 27,446 MW, equivalent to 25% of the total power installed in the Spanish energy system.


Wind energy is presented as one of the fundamental pillars in the Energy Transition, offering a great capacity for growth and innovation.

Juan Virgilio Márquez, Director General of AEE, highlights that one of the main challenges for the wind energy sector in 2022 is the evolution of the design of auctions to focus them on the value provided by the technologies and not on price.

Another challenge is to maintain the annual rate of wind farm installation required by the National Energy and Climate Plan 2030.

Finally, the biggest challenge lies in launching the first hybrid farms and laying the groundwork for H2 Renewable.

Huso growth

For more than 15 years, Huso has been a leader in the installation and commissioning, operation and maintenance, major corrective works and logistics of wind farms. The company offers a flexible, cost-effective service with an advanced level of digitisation, providing rapid diagnosis and impeccable commissioning.

Their professionalism and experience has led them to work with the most important companies in the renewable energy sector and they have recently been assigned by Enel, el to maintain 464 wind turbines for three years.

So far this year, the company has experienced a 33% growth in terms of workers hired and a 20% increase in annual turnover.