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Spain breaks the Daily Wind Generation Record

Spain has positioned itself as the largest country in Europe in terms of daily wind energy production with a figure of 368 GKw, according to WindEurope. This figure is followed by Germany, with a total of 162 GKw and Portugal, with a total of 103 Gkw. This figure surpasses previous production records, which were on 12 February 2016 when 365 GWh were reached and on 30 January 2015 with 353 GWh.

This figure is supported by the 1,265 wind farms installed in more than 1,000 municipalities in the country, with a total of 27,446 MW, which avoid the emission of more than 29 million tonnes of CO2.

Huso Renovables contributes to this achievement with more than 5,266 MW installed worldwide and more than 100 wind farms under maintenance. In this way, it continues to demonstrate its commitment to the environment and its high qualification in the assembly, maintenance and repair of wind farms.