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Experience in wind turbine operations and maintenance

Working with the main companies in the sector means that we have knowledge of a wide variety of technologies on the market, which helps us to increase the useful life of the turbines, achieving the maximum satisfaction of our clients and customers.


At Huso we take care of the maintenance to extend the useful life of the machines, carrying out retrofit when necessary, as well as the necessary inspections and audits.

Full-service solutions. Guaranteed efficiency.

At Huso we have a team of highly qualified and skilled professionals capable of providing a complete service at any wind farm in the world. We offer customised solutions that cover everything from the assembly of wind farms to their maintenance and corrective maintenance when necessary. Our promise is to optimise energy generation while minimising costs.

Operation and maintenance:

Preventive, corrective and predictive maintenance | Design modifications | Regulatory inspections | Work supervisions and audits 

Preventive and predictive maintenance, small corrective maintenance and up-tower works.

We offer customised solutions that cover everything from preventive, corrective and predictive maintenance to major corrective work. We also take care of the management of all necessary spare parts. Our promise is the optimisation of energy generation while minimising costs.

Preventive maintenance

Based on our know-how, we advise our customers to adapt the range of maintenance to the ageing of the machine, which means fewer breakdowns.

Predictive maintenance

By monitoring through different techniques such as infrared thermography, acoustic monitoring or vibration analysis, we achieve a reduction in operating costs, less downtime and improved performance.

Small corrective

The small corrective work is carried out in the event of turbine breakdowns or failures, which is why we prioritise the carrying out of this work.

Tower-up jobs

At Huso we carry out tower-up work, such as changing generator or gearbox bearings.

Design modifications savings and productivity

The term design modification, also known as retrofit, refers to modifications made to wind turbines to correct deficiencies or make improvements in performance. This process is not a one-off process, but requires monitoring to detect possible improvements.

The key aspects of retrofitting are to improve the operation and safety of wind turbines, with the consequent extension of their useful life.

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Regulatory inspections

Global leader in O&M in the wind energy sector.

Seventeen years of experience in risk reduction enables us to anticipate problems and extend the service life of wind farms. Our highly qualified wind energy engineers are ready and able to offer a full range of wind turbine inspection services. This work can be carried out at any stage of the wind farm development process. All our inspections are carried out in a comprehensive manner and allow us to reduce and act immediately on any mishaps and provide information on the condition of wind turbines and assets and the performance of maintenance and repairs.

Depending on the type of inspection, they can be classified as follows:


We make sure of the condition of the components so that we know where and when to take action.

Contractual monitoring

Fault identification.

Life extension

Check that the condition of the wind turbines is correct until the next inspection.

General condition of wind turbines

Check the status of the maintainer and ensure that the maintainer is doing its job efficiently and with the right quality.

Work supervision and audits accompanying the wind farm during its lifetime

At Huso, we consider it essential to maintain wind turbines in good condition and therefore we carry out regular monitoring to ascertain their condition from the beginning to the end of the project. The objective is to assess the condition of the wind turbines and check the adequacy of the maintenance tasks that have been carried out.

Under the ISO 9001 standard, we carry out our activities and define criteria for quality management, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. We seek, at all times, to be transparent, responsible and respectful of all parties involved in the process.  The quality policy that governs Huso is the same as that required of suppliers and subcontractors.

Bolted joints:

Throughout the useful life of a wind turbine there are different critical points to control, one of them being the bolted joints.
At Huso we carry out an initial inspection to check the condition of the bolted joints, after which we change the bolts if necessary. We supply spare parts if required by the customer.