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Specialists in major corrective and special works

We work to improve the quality of our services through innovation in production systems.


We are your total coverage, carrying out the integral management of claims including the disassembly and assembly of large components. We carry out the blade inspection and repair and sections.

Integral claims management

We understand by claims: burnt machines, unbalanced rotors, cracked frames and damaged sections among others. We are able to inspect, dismantle, assemble and start up, if components are available, in record time.

At Huso we are specialists in claims management. For the dismantling of a damaged machine, it is essential to carry out a study of the state of the machine and, based on this, we develop the work procedure and plan all the logistics, special transport and waste management. The health and safety of our team is the cornerstone of the entire process, as is respect for the environment.

Replacement of major corrective measures:

Multiplier | Generator | Stand | Blades | Blade bearings | Blade bearings

Assembly and disassembly of large components in the workshop

At Huso we have extensive facilities with overhead cranes, among other work equipment, where we regularly assemble and disassemble components: replacement of frames, replacement of housings, assembly of trestles…

Large component replacement

We have leading teams in carrying out major corrective work in various technologies. We change gearboxes, generators, stands, blades and blade bearings.

Prior to the corrective work, we travel to the site and analyse whether the terrain is suitable for the means to be used or if, on the contrary, it is necessary to carry out actions to adapt it and to be able to carry out the work safely.

Blade inspection and repair

During their useful life, wind turbines are exposed to failures and incidents that affect their correct operation. It is essential to carry out periodic maintenance and inspection tasks in order to detect any type of incident.

We have a team of technicians and technical specialists in composites ready to solve all problems related to the repair of blades and thus avoid losses in the production of the wind turbine, and prevent the fatigue and wear of the propellers from causing major problems.

Using our imaging, recording and photographic equipment, the blades are inspected to subsequently generate a comprehensive report, with which our technical office can develop an efficient plan to optimise resources and minimise claims.


Inspection of blades | Comprehensive inspection reportn | Repair techniques