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Expert team for wind turbine logistics and spare parts

Integration of logistics into all our processes, adapting it to each project to achieve maximum productivity in optimum time. To this end, we have an “in house” spare parts service so that your wind farm never has to stop working.


Logistics is a fundamental part of our work where the correct transport and storage of materials is as important as having the necessary spare parts to minimise machine downtime.

Transport and storage of small and large components

We have a logistics team that, through detailed planning, organises the transport of both our own work and the transport of our clients’ work, allowing us to offer an efficient, cost-effective service in record time.

From production to assembly we have tracking devices and data loggers for proper traceability.

We have an important stock of consumables and spare parts of different technologies for maintenance and small corrective which can be at the service of our customers in a very short period of time.

We also offer our customers the possibility of storing both small and large components in our various facilities throughout Spain.

Optimised system

Planning | Organisation | Targeted transport | Commitment | Efficiency

Spare parts for major corrective actions

We offer an additional service to the execution of major corrective works, providing the necessary components and materials to carry them out.

We align ourselves with a circular economy model. We study the possibilities of reusing used components, we repair them and give them a second life, thus enabling the procurement of discontinued spare parts.