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Huso accompanies you throughout the lifetime of your wind farm

Our aim is to look after the interests of our customers from the installation to the commissioning of the wind turbines by offering customised and practical solutions.


At Huso we offer you the complete service. From the instalation of wind turbines and turbine finishes to comissioning as well as quality inspections.

Installation and comissioning

We have a leading team in the installation and commissioning of different technologies, always adapting to the client’s requirements.

Wind turbine installation and turbine finishes

Thanks to our years of experience and knowledge of different technologies, we can reduce the delivery time of installed turbines and we can travel anywhere in the world to carry out the work.

We have installation teams with technicians and technical specialists in all the required areas: mechanical, electrical, composites and elevators.

Nuestras capabilities:

Expertise | Technical specialists | Global Coverage

Quality inspection and assembly supervision

Our highly qualified team performs end-of-assembly quality inspections and supervision at new wind farm installations around the world.

We work under very high quality standards, according to the interests of our clients. Thanks to our technical department we are able to analyse each request of our clients in a personalised way, planning the resources to carry it out and providing support to the technicians in the field during the execution of the work.


Inspection | Supervision | Assembly


We have highly qualified professionals at our clients’ disposal to carry out the commissioning of new installations.