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Creating long-term value

At Huso, we are committed to generating long-term value for all the stakeholders to whom we are committed, with the aim of contributing to the advancement of society along the path of sustainable development..

Our responsibility and values

At Huso we are committed to excellence in the design, development and execution of all our work. Our performance, which complies with the ISO 9001 standard, is defined under the criteria of quality management, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, and seeks to be transparent, responsible and respectful at all times with all interested parties. At Huso, we consider the contribution of suppliers and subcontractors to be important for the proper development of activities and services, and therefore we demand compliance with the quality policy to the same extent as the company itself.

Harassment protocol

The purpose of our protocol is to define guidelines that allow us to identify a situation of harassment, whether moral, sexual or gender-based, in order to resolve a discriminatory situation, while at all times seeking to guarantee the rights of the victims.

Company and environmental policy

and environmental policy

We are committed to generating long-term value for all the stakeholders to which we are committed, with the aim of contributing to the progress of society along the path of sustainable development. We also advocate environmental excellence as a fundamental value of its corporate culture. We therefore conduct our activities in an environmentally friendly manner.

Nuestras acciones
  • Development of policies that protect the environment
  • Establishment of management policies that report the measurement of the impact of its actions, so that the company can see its evolution.
  • Knowledge of the community surrounding each action. Both the opinion and the acceptance of the communities in which it works are fundamental for the company.
  • Transparent and clear communication of results
  • Compliance with the ISO 14001 standard


health and afety

At Huso we work with the aim of minimising the risk of occupational accidents in the areas of activity in which we operate.

We establish policies to eliminate workplace accidents and continuously improve safety. These policies have been designed taking into account the contribution of the human team, the result of their responsibility, experience and common sense. In addition, the OHSAS 18001 standard has been integrated into the company.

Work processes are defined in such a way as to safeguard first and foremost the safety of the staff and all members of the work group, the safety of third parties involved in these processes and the safety of the communities for which we work. At Huso, we also demand the same level of responsibility and safety from our suppliers and subcontractors.

This set of actions makes the company's accident rate one of the lowest in the sector. It is currently well below average and has practically no lost-time accidents.

In addition, we ensure safety at work through the use of innovative technologies and the continuous training of our employees. Our mission is to create value by ensuring economic, social and environmental sustainability while serving the interests of our customers, employees and partners.

Code of conduct

and code of ethics

Huso’s mission involves the creation of value through the provision of our services, ensuring economic, social and environmental sustainability and meeting the needs of our stakeholders.

We want to involve all our suppliers and subcontractors in compliance with the principles of social responsibility and in the continuous improvement of our Integrated Management System in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 4500 and IQNET SR10 specifications.