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Commitment to quality and

respect for the environment

The company’s work philosophy is based on the highest quality in the development of projects and respect for the environment.

ISO 45001

Health and safety at work

ISO 9001

Quality management

ISO 14001

Environmental management


Cutting-edge technology

At Huso we are aware that the wind energy sector is one of the most competitive sectors in existence, in which, in order to remain at the forefront, it is necessary to continually review and implement quality processes within the framework of cutting-edge technology. As a company, we focus our attention on scientific and technological development, which we consider to be the fundamental pillars for maintaining our business competitiveness.

Our processes are reviewed on a regular basis to assure our partners that the processes we carry out remain efficient, responding to the individual needs of each of them. All of this is carried out by a team of professionals specialised in the operation and maintenance, major corrective works, logistics and installation of wind farms.

History and principles

It has been operating since 2005 with maximum innovation in three lines of business:

Installation and commissioning

Leading team in the installation and commissioning of different technologies, always adapting to the customer's requirements. We have technical installation teams specialised in all the required areas: mechanical, electrical, composites and elevators.

Large corrective and special works

At Huso we are aware of the importance of both the start-up of wind farms and their correct maintenance in order to reduce the downtime of the machines in the event of a breakdown, and for this purpose we have a team of specialised technicians.

Operation and maintenance

Working with leading customers in the industry means that we have knowledge of a wide variety of technologies on the market, which helps us to increase the lifetime of the turbines, achieving maximum customer satisfaction.

Logistics and spare parts

Integration of logistics into all our processes, adapting it to each project to achieve maximum productivity in optimum time. We have an "in house" spare parts service so that your wind farm never has to stop working.

Global Compact

Huso is a member of the Spanish Global Compact Network, an international initiative proposed by the United Nations with the aim of promoting corporate citizenship.

The aim of the United Nations is to involve companies in the management of some of the main social and environmental challenges resulting from increasing globalisation.


Huso’s human team holds all the knowledge of the company, and the future of the company depends entirely on them. They possess the talent and the know-how; therefore, in their hands lies the opportunity to grow and improve. For this reason, Huso is firmly committed to the continuous training of its employees, as well as to the maintenance of adequate working and safety conditions.

Since the company’s work is carried out in strategic sectors with a high level of professional projection, it is possible to offer employees a long-term career development. Huso attaches great importance to the professional development and success of its team, which is why it invests in their training and prioritises safety as a differential value of the group.

Solidarity partnership

From Huso we want to leave our small footprint by collaborating with local NGOs, getting involved in different campaigns promoting a better and more sustainable world.


NGO dedicated to meeting the needs of disadvantaged young people, especially those with disabilities, in places where there is a lack of resources. Its aim is for these children to receive specialised education and care, improving their quality of life and that of the professionals, family members and volunteers who share their lives with them.

TEIMA Down Syndrome Association

Association founded in 1994 as a non-profit organisation, which contributes to improving the lives of people with Down's syndrome and intellectual disabilities, with the aim of achieving their full social integration.

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